Bernard Victor Kreh “Lefty” passed away today in the presence of his family.  We remember Lefty for his wisdom, humor, and generous spirit. He will be missed by all.  Rest in peace.

A member of the greatest generation, Lefty served this country with honor from 1942 to 1947 and is a combat veteran from the Battle of the Bulge. He continued his service as a generous supporter of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing, selflessly giving his time and sharing his talents and knowledge with our disabled active military and disabled veterans

For more than 50 years as an outdoor writer and fly fishing instructor, Lefty Kreh touched more lives and converted more people to fly fishing than anyone ever has or ever likely will. He was truly a servant to the fly fishing community, having given selflessly with his teaching skills, innovations and humor, and adding immeasurably to the level of enjoyment and satisfaction that many of us have experienced from the sport of fly fishing.